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How to reference controls on an open Report

This code segment opens a report with the name "rpQtr-Performance150930QTR-ex" and needs to test the value of a textbox on the Report to determine whether to print the report.  The "If Reports!..." statement doesn't appear to be working.  I halted execution and stepped thru the code to confirm that VB doesn't recognize the format I used.

When I test it in the Immediate window, I get the error:  "You entered an expression that has no value"

DoCmd.OpenReport QtrNonBillableReportName, acViewPreview, , "HHID = " & ClientNowPrintingDoCmd.RunCommand acCmdPreviewFourPages

If PauseBeforeClosingSection Then MsgBox ("Proceed")
If Not ViewOnly Then
       If Reports![rpQtr-Performance150930QTR-ex].txtQTRbegin <> 0 And Me!txtQTRbegin <> 0 Then
           Totalpages = Reports(QtrNonBillableReportName).Pages
            DoCmd.PrintOut acPages, 2, Totalpages - 1, acHigh
      End If
End If
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Thanks for the guidance.  Who knew one could not address and use Report control values!