Copying XML Namespace Declaration with Prefixes element from one document to a newly created one using XmlReader.

I have been working on a Windows Form in .NET C# that requires me to search and pull nodes from one XML document and place them into a newly created one using XmlReader. I have everything completed but am having issues copying the whole Namespace Declaration element that contains prefixes. I have tried many different techniques but everything I've tried fails for just as many reasons, mainly I get XML exceptions when trying to append. Below is an example of the format of the element that I'm trying to copy (using a XmlReader) from an existing document.

<prefix:Name xmlns:xsi="" prefix:schemaLocation="URL URL" xmlns:Name="URL" xmlns:Name="URL" xmlns:Name="URL" xmlns:Name="URL">

I need copy this into the root element location immediately after the Xml Declaration which I have already created an appended to the document. Also it would be a good idea to mention that I have not been using System.Xml.Linq  and have only been using System.Xml and am trying to stick with that specific .Net Namespace
Russell GarrettAsked:
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Russell GarrettAuthor Commented:
solved the issue with XmlSerializer which has the option to add a XmlRootAttribute in the constructor. I just needed to create the XmlRootAttribute and assign it a Namespace value before referencing it in the XmlSerializer constructor, and using a XmlWriter append it to the XmlDocument using a XmlNavigator. Pretty simple once everything was said and done. Below is the code I used.

var nav = xmlDocForExport.CreateNavigator();
XmlReader reader = null;
                        reader = XmlReader.Create("SelectedXMLFile");
                        XmlSerializerNamespaces ns = new XmlSerializerNamespaces();
                        while (reader.Read())
                            // Grabs the Root element first thing
                            if (reader.IsStartElement())
                                                // Variables to store the root node information
                                                string RootlocalName = reader.LocalName;
                                string rootPrefix = reader.Prefix;
                                string rootValue = "";
                                                int counter = reader.AttributeCount;
                                for (int attInd = 0; attInd < counter; attInd++)
                                                      // Variables to store attributes in the root node
                                    string localName = reader.LocalName;
                                    string prefix = reader.Prefix;
                                    string value = reader.Value;
                                                      // Checks if the current attribute is the one used as the root node prefix if so assigns the namespace to the rootValue variable
                                                      if (localName == rootPrefix)
                                        rootValue = reader.Value;
                                                      // Assigns the namespace information to the XmlSerializerNamespaces object
                                                      ns.Add(localName, value);
                                                      // If the final attribute is processed create the root node with XmlSerializer and append it to the document with the XmlNavigator
                                                      if (attInd == counter - 1)
                                                            // Creating the XmlRootAttribute node and giving it a namespace value using the variables that captured the root node information
                                        XmlRootAttribute rootNode = new XmlRootAttribute(RootlocalName);
                                        rootNode.Namespace = rootValue;
                                                            // Putting the root node together using XmlSerializer
                                        XmlSerializer xser = new XmlSerializer(typeof(XmlSerializerClass), rootNode);
                                                            // Creating an XmlWriter to append the finished XmlRootNode
                                        XmlWriter xmlWriter;
                                        using (xmlWriter = nav.AppendChild())
                                            xser.Serialize(xmlWriter, new XmlSerializerClass(), ns);
                                                break; // Breaks out of the while loop when everything is done.
                                          catch (Exception ex)
                                                // Handle Exception

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