Need a query to replace strings with values without any ID num.....(Dont modify the data coz its the format i recieve)


I need the values of price and weight to replaced in the expression 'price+weight' of formula1 table. COuld anyone help .

I have the below query tried but there is some error.

My query:

Create table FORMULA1
InputName VARCHAR(256),

Insert into Formula1

Insert into Formula1
Gowtham RamamoorthyAsked:
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Julian HansenCommented:
Could you give us an idea (based on the above input) what output you want from the query
Daniel WilsonCommented:
I really think your Formula1 table is missing a field that indicates the entity to which the attribute-value pair belongs.  You appear to be aiming for an entity-attribute-value table layout.

As specified currently, this query will give you all the 'Price' and 'Weight' values summed:
Select sum(INPUTVALUES) as [TIME] from Formula1 where INPUTNAME in ('Price', 'Weight')

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Gowtham RamamoorthyAuthor Commented:
I want the values of price and weight to get replaced by the input values. Consider if it has the entity too like idnum 1 and 2
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Daniel WilsonCommented:
So, in your example, do you want your resultset to say literally
Gowtham RamamoorthyAuthor Commented:
NO just 23+14 is fine. I dont need any dynamic query to do the math.
Daniel WilsonCommented:
OK, the one that performed the sum was easier. I already gave you that one.  for the other version:

Select concat(
(select INPUTVALUES from Formula1 where INPUTNAME = 'Price'), '+',
(select INPUTVALUES from Formula1 where INPUTNAME = 'Weight'));

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Julian HansenCommented:
Or alternatively
FROM formula1 a,formula1 b WHERE a.InputName = 'PRICE' AND b.InputName = 'weight';

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Neither of the provided solutions will give a meaningful result if there is more than one combination of PRICE / WEIGHT values in the table.
Will the table only have one combination of the PRICE / WEIGHT values?

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Gowtham RamamoorthyAuthor Commented:
Hi Julian,

The table gets multiple input values and names and I need to replace the input values in the formula(Expression). to do the math.
Julian HansenCommented:
What math do you need to do?

The original request concerned string concatenation?
Daniel WilsonCommented:
You've already been given a query that adds them up.  It's the one using the SUM function.
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