Cisco Switch Mac Flapping - SW_MATM-4-MACFLAP_NOTIF

A vendor installed a camera system at one of our locations. When reviewing the logs on the switch I am seeing.

Oct  8 13:51:23: %SW_MATM-4-MACFLAP_NOTIF: Host 0003.c50c.32ed in vlan 1 is flapping between port Fa0/1 and port Fa0/2
Oct  8 13:51:56: %SW_MATM-4-MACFLAP_NOTIF: Host 0003.c50c.32ed in vlan 1 is flapping between port Fa0/1 and port Fa0/2
%SW_MATM-4-MACFLAP_NOTIF: Host 0010.8d03.da63 in vlan 1 is flapping between port Fa0/2 and port Fa0/3

 1    0003.c50c.32ed    DYNAMIC     Fa0/1
   1    0004.5f43.2642    DYNAMIC     Fa0/2
   1    0010.8d03.da63    DYNAMIC     Fa0/3
   1    0016.6c8e.286d    DYNAMIC     Fa0/2
   1    0021.b7ba.1a95    DYNAMIC     Fa0/2
   1    0022.3b0a.3041    DYNAMIC     Fa0/2
   1    00d0.c9c5.b50b    DYNAMIC     Fa0/2
   1    a0d3.c109.8806    DYNAMIC     Fa0/2
   1    b8ca.3a98.667c    DYNAMIC     Fa0/2
   1    c81f.6615.ef4e    DYNAMIC     Fa0/2
   1    c81f.6616.23b0    DYNAMIC     Fa0/2
   1    c89c.1df2.d4e2    DYNAMIC     Fa0/2
   1    c89c.1df2.d4e3    DYNAMIC     Fa0/2

I assume there is a un-managed switch that he connected to the switch and is causing the loop. The switch has 3 "things" connected to it. I am fairly certain the un-managed switch is connect to Fa0/2 so I entered "spanning-tree bpduguard enable" but after running this command I lost connect to the switch. Currently I am waiting for someone on-site to reboot the switch and I will try again.

Any suggestions of how to fix this issue. Thanks!
Tim OBrienSystems EngineerAsked:
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I hope you did not have a chance to save the config after enabling "bpd guard" :)
Yes, it is switch that does not support spanning tree, or misconfigured ip phone.

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Tim OBrienSystems EngineerAuthor Commented:
I did not save the configuration. Going there tomorrow as the people onsite couldn't find the switch.

The vendor took a picture and from what it looks like.
VPN 800 Series Series Router --> 6 Port TrendNet --> Plugged into a Comnet Switch

I had no idea the building approved the purchase for this switch as we want cisco switches only so we can manage them ourselves. Going to ask to return this switch and replace it with a 24-Port Cisco Switch.

Would it be an issue having the TrendNet plugged into the Comnet Switch? After talking with the vendor things seem to be working fine and I may have thought their was an issue from reviewing those logs and seeing the MACFLAP logs. Now I'm not sure if I could have simply ignored the error or do you think that was indicating an issue?
Check mac address against port 2, than we can look it up.
Also intersting to see output from - "show interface trunk".
Is port 2 trunking?
Even if unmanaged switch is plugged, as long as that switch does not have redundant links all should be OK. And even if there are redundant link connected to same switch with STP enabled, switch that has STP enabled should block one port (the same situation as you plug cable into 2 ports). Also the same behavior should be even if portfast is enabled on ports.
So you should not ignore message, MAC address flapping is between 3 ports Fa0/1 Fa0/2 Fa0/3, so I am not sure how it is possible to create such mess.
You should receive MAC flapping from TrendNet according to your topology, not from Comnet switch, since Cisco switch is attached to it, or maybe someone connected Comnet switch with both  Cisco and TrendNet, but then again 3 ports are involved in MAC flapping so far....
Tim OBrienSystems EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your help, When I got there my boss already pulled the dummy switches and moved everything to the comnet switch. I don't know exactly what was causing the problems. Appreciate your help
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