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Is there a way to see what external DNS records used to be?

We are trying to resolve an issue with external DNS resolution, and it appears that unauthorized changes may have been made to the DNS records. Is there a way that we can see what the DNS records used to be 24 - 48 hours ago? Thanks!
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Jeremy Weisinger

You'd have to have logging turned on on the DNS server and review those. Other than that there's nothing that I know of. Can you restore a backup?
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@Jeremy: We have management of the internal DNS server, however, just to reiterate, this is in regards to external DNS. We do not have management of the external Name Servers. So, similar to how Google has cached copies of web pages, I'm wondering if there are cached copies of external DNS records.
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Good to know! I'll check to see if the particular DNS host for this domain can provide change logs. Thank you!