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Removing DFS members and changes to AD sites

Hi Experts,

Need to remove a few DFS servers from different sites in a 2008 environment. What is the best way to do this? These are active servers and part of DFS replication. I also need to know what changes I need to make in Active Directory, Domain Controller, AD Sites and Services

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Remove the target from the dfs rule.allowing the clients to failover based on the dfs config.

You should review your site setups before hand not after.

Usually in a multi-site you would want a dfs server at each site to minimize delays due to network latency.
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Hi Arnold, thanks for getting back. i have reviewed the AD sites and services, should I be removing those sites first before removing the DFS servers?
It is not possible in this scenario to have multiple DFS servers at different sites
Then before you start retiring, check the dfs share policy to make sure when the target server (make sure your setup uses targets versus links) is removed. Ere would/could be between 15-30 minutes where the client might still try to access the deactivated target versus the nearest VPN enabled

What will remain at each site, you would need to make sure DNS /DC will have information for the dfs share/target ......

What is the scenario you are dealing with?  Transitioning all sites that have only two location where the shares can be HQ or DR?
Two sites are being shut down anbd only one location with one DFS server will remain.  there is a DC/DNS server at this site.  

I was planning to remove this two DFS servers from shares, remove the sites  from AD and that should point to the remaining DFS server.  Would anything else need to be in done in AD or DFS?
The config in the dfs is to prefer the local first?

Refer oft dfs replication state to make sure all the data on the sites your are shuttering have replicated.
You could change disable the replication to the sites removing/suspending the connection.

Are you getting the systems from the sites shipped back to your location?
No we are not getting those systems back.  So once we make the cut data should only be pointing to the one DFS server.

Currently all users connect to the 2 DFS servers that are hosted but we are slowly moving all connections to the one site with the last DFS server.  So even when the hosted DFS servers are gone everyone should only point to the existing site

The DFS servers are setup in mesh mode not hub and  spoke
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