EXECUTE FUNCTION in select statement

hi how can i call a function  in select statement

for example

create or replace function GET_acc_DESC (par_accno    in   number)
  select accno,--call function for the selected accno to desiplay discription from employyeee
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Ryan ChongCommented:
is the description stored in a table? if yes, why not directly joining the tables in your Select SQL statement instead?
chalie001Author Commented:
no is not in table the the function call other table based on the accno pased then i get the discription
Vikas GargBusiness Intelligence DeveloperCommented:

You can call the function in select statement like this

Select *,dbo.GET_acc_DESC (par_accno) from table
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chalie001Author Commented:
ok lets say you use deparno to get accno desc but you don't what to select departno


select accno,get_acc_desc(dp.depno) from emp n,dept d
where get_acc_desc(dp.depno) = d.depno;

i what to use get_acc_desc(dp.depno) in where clues
Vikas GargBusiness Intelligence DeveloperCommented:
You can also use the function in where clause

select accno from emp n,dept d
where get_acc_desc(dp.depno) = d.depno;
chalie001Author Commented:
am geting ORA-01722: invalid number

this is the function
create or replace function hr.accno (par_accno in number)
    accno  varchar2(16);
	ws_acno		number(11);
    ws_accvalu        	varchar2(13);
	 ws_err_ind		varchar2(1);
	  ws_acno := par_accno;
	  accvalidation(ws_sin, ws_accvalu,ws_err_ind);
	IF ws_err_ind = 'Y' then
        accno := null;
        accno := substr(ws_accvalu,1,4)||'-'||
     END IF;

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Does that function compile? It look to me like all you're wanting is to take a number with 13 places and convert it into a string with a dash between the 4th and 5th digits, the 6th and 7th digits, and the 9th and 10th digits. If that's all you want, I don't know why you have those variables and that function call in your code. Since the variables never get initialized, how would the function know, for example, if the value of ws_err_ind is 'Y' or not? Perhaps you can provide some sample data from the table and the results you would like to retrieve from that sample.
chalie001Author Commented:
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