index_size column in sp_spaceused (SQL 2012)

when running
the index_size column-
does that include index in both PRIMARY and also any additional INDEX DRIVE FILES?

if yes, is there a way to break that down, in terms of how much index is on PRIMARY and how many are on any ndf (if any).
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lcohanDatabase AnalystCommented:
Yes is the "Total amount of space used by indexes." and if you need to find details per index/filegroup you could run query like:

--this script is better as it gives you the filegroup as well aside more details:

SELECT AS DataSpaceName
      ,AU.type_desc AS AllocationDesc
      ,AU.total_pages / 128 AS TotalSizeMB
      ,AU.used_pages / 128 AS UsedSizeMB
      ,AU.data_pages / 128 AS DataSizeMB
      , AS SchemaName
      ,OBJ.type_desc AS ObjectType      
      , AS ObjectName
      ,IDX.type_desc AS IndexType
      , AS IndexName
FROM sys.data_spaces AS DS
     INNER JOIN sys.allocation_units AS AU
         ON DS.data_space_id = AU.data_space_id
     INNER JOIN sys.partitions AS PA
         ON (AU.type IN (1, 3)  
             AND AU.container_id = PA.hobt_id)
            (AU.type = 2
             AND AU.container_id = PA.partition_id)
     INNER JOIN sys.objects AS OBJ
         ON PA.object_id = OBJ.object_id
     INNER JOIN sys.schemas AS SCH
         ON OBJ.schema_id = SCH.schema_id
     LEFT JOIN sys.indexes AS IDX
         ON PA.object_id = IDX.object_id
            AND PA.index_id = IDX.index_id

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