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Hi Experts,

I have asked similar questions before but I never seem to get an answer which tells me exactly what I need to do.

we get emails come through from other companies which have leads for potential customers. these potential customer leads are also given to other companies like ours and therefore we need to react as quickly as possible to them.

I am looking for a solution that will take this email lead, extract the email address from the email body and then send an automatic email to that potential customer asking them to contact our company.

so I tried doing this before by extracting the emails into a excel spread sheet from the email body and trying to use mail merge to send them but with very little experience with mail merge I weren't even able to say if what I wanted to do was possible. With regards to the emails address being extracted into excel, this was a macro that is run from outlook and I got the macro script online.

please find below the details of the environment I am working within

office 2003 (outlook 2003, word 2003, excel 2003)
Windows 7

so I guess I am looking for someone to either tell me that this is not the best way to do it and can suggest the best way to do it or if someone can inform me how to use the method I am already trying to use properly.

look forward to hearing from the Experts.

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Your approach seem sound on the surface so its difficult to know what question you are asking:-
1. you extract the email addresses into Excel - are you generating a list you are happy with?
2. You create mail merge using the Word MailMerge Wizard, setting up the document with the excel file as a data source and using the header information as field names - have you achieved that?
3. you run the merge and generate the form letters - have you managed to get to that stage?

Within the Mail merge wizard you have an option to deliver via email so, in theory, what you have done is a completely valid approach and should get the result you want

Let us know what stage you are having problems with and what is not working as expected

one thought occurs: I answered another question of yours to put the extracted emails into Word instead of Excel and noted that the file created is actually text despite being having a .xls filename, If you try to use that file with mailmerge it won't have the header information it needs unless you first Save the file from Excel so that you have a proper .xls (instead of a text file masquerading as an excel file). The same applies to the .doc file created by my answer - it needs to be saved by Word to create a 'real' .Doc

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ProfessorJimJamMicrosoft Excel ExpertCommented:

i have answered to similar questions in the past, i can say that extracting only email addresses from the body of outlook is not faily easy code, here is the workaround a macro that extracts the email address from outlook and lists them to Excel.

please see my detailed answer in the link below.
peggiegregAuthor Commented:
no this does not answer my questions professorjimjam. this answers how to extract to an excel spreadsheet but I need to know how to complete the entire process. this includes sending the emails and if I am doing it in the best way.
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Following the sequence I described earlier - which part is causing you a problem?
peggiegregAuthor Commented:
I am trying to do this at the moment regmigrant and I will update ASAP with my results. thanks for your reply
peggiegregAuthor Commented:
this looks like it will work fine, I just haven't got the time to test fully atm. I will post in the future when I can try this fully.

thanks anyway!
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