Some Things Not Being Updated From Domain Contollers Thru Group Policy

Hello,   I am using Group Policy for a number of things, but have found 2 items which are working intermittently.

Problem #1) Using Group Policy To Deploy Printers

This normally works like a charm.   Set up printers on 3 print servers, running Windows 2012 Server and 2012/R2   Deploy them thru GP. However, sometimes printers do not get deployed to every user (about 100).   Last week I added a new printer to all 3 printer servers, deployed it thru group policy.  (Have special GPOs for printer deployment for different work areas.  Works great.)  Printer shows up in GPO and Print Management as deployed.  I do a forced GP Update from the DC, plus when the user logs on it also does a GPUPDATE /FORCE, so everyone who should have the printer configured does.  Not this time or intermittently in the past.  Most users have the printer configured on their PCs however, have a small number of users do not have the printer configured and I cannot seem to make it get configured.   Rebooted PCs, more GPUPDATES, but nothing will make this printer show up in their DEVICES AND PRINTERS

Problem #2)  Interactive Login Message > Message Title For Users Attempting To Login

I had a title for years which was "Calvary Temple Christian Center"   We changed our name, so I changed the title.  The title change appears on some PCs and some servers and some domain controllers.  

I think these two problems are related.  I have forced replication between the primary DC and secondary DCs, but it did not resolve the issue.  

How can I get GP updated on everything, everytime?  Please advise.  Thanks.
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Gurvinder BharyaCommented:
Is there a trend you notice on the client side? Maybe a specific operation system, or maybe 86 or 64 bit systems? Also, is this the only policy being pushed to the clients?
rstuemkeAuthor Commented:
All the user PCs are running Windows 7 Pro X64.   There are several GPOs based upon which organization unit unit is a member.   All the others seem to be working.  Just these two mentioned above giving me trouble.  All servers and DCs are running Windows 2012 Server, most are R2.   The problem with the msg title shows up on servers running both.
Gurvinder BharyaCommented:
Since you have many GPOs, I suggest you check on this link:

I am assuming one is taking precedence over the other. I can also try and enforce and see if this works for you.

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rstuemkeAuthor Commented:
Researching.... thanks.
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