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About SBS 2011 (Exchange 2010)
Will e-mail that is rejected because of size (big attachment), be stored in a temp. folder?

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No, I have never seen any evidence nor read of any way to have Exchange store a copy of rejected emails. The only action by Exchange is to send an NDR to the sender of the email indicating the reason for non-delivery.
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No it is not stored in a temp folder.  Only an exchange log is recorded that it rejected it.  It will remain in the sent items folder of the user account consuming that amount of space.  If it was rejected by someone else, its not a big issue.  If it was rejected by your server, sometimes you can run into a sync issue on a users mailbox because it will deny replicating that message to exchange and continually generate a sync log which can blow up the users mailbox.  If this is the case you can open up the users outlook, press ctrl + 6

You will see all folders listed and the sync issues folder

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