Another "autonumber" issue with a text field

An expert just helped by with a situation where I am trying to autonumber a text field.

The new situation is I have a text field that looks like this:  SP14-00170.   The next new record should be SP14-00171.

The solution in the previous topic was to create a query with one field that looked like:  

LastTaskCardN: Max(Right([SAItaskCardN],InStr([SAItaskCardN],"-")+1))

And then use this code in the before insert event of the form:

    If Me.NewRecord = True Then
    Dim NewNum As String
        NewNum = DMax("LastTaskCardN", "qryLastSAItaskCardN")
        Me.txtSAItaskCardN = "TC-" & Format(CInt(NewNum) + 1, "0000")
    End If

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But now my new situation is different (SP14-00170) instead of AB-1023  in the other topic.

How can I accomplish the same thing which SP14-00170 instead of AB-1023   ??
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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
It's the same process, except you use a 5 digit format code, and preface the number with "SP14" instead of "AB". Did you try to adapt that logic to your current problem before posting here???

Unless you have other requirements which you haven't spelled out here.
SteveL13Author Commented:
Yes I did.  But I can't get the query to work.  With this I get an error "Data type mismatch in query expression".  (SAILotN is a text field just as SAItaskCardN was).

LastTaskCardN: Max(Right([SAILotN],InStr([SAILotN],"-")+1))
Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
Try it with -1 instead of +1:

LastTaskCardN: Max(Right([SAILotN],InStr([SAILotN],"-") -1))

If that doesn't work, then break it down into the elemental parts and try each of those until you discover where it fails:

LastTaskCardN: InStr([SAILotN],"-")

And then:

LastTaskCardN: Right([SAILotN],InStr([SAILotN],"-") -1)

And so on ...

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SteveL13Author Commented:
The minus 1 gave me the same error.

LastTaskCardN: InStr([SAILotN],"-") gave me a result of 5

Then in experimenting this gave me the f digits I was expecting:

LastTaskCardN: Right([SAILotN],InStr([SAILotN],"-"))

Then this code worked:

    If Me.NewRecord = True Then
    Dim NewNum2 As String
        NewNum2 = DMax("LastSAIlotN", "qryLastSAIlotNumber")
        Me.txtSAIlotN = "SP14-" & Format(CInt(NewNum2) + 1, "00000")
    End If

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