Outlook Inbox folder moving around when clicked on, sometimes does not display all messages, connected to exchange

This is a very strange problem I have encountered. I have a user that is using Office 2016 (just upgraded, problem also existed in previous version, 2013) The user is connecting to an exchange server and is the only user having this issue. Sometimes when outlook starts, the mailbox comes up and works fine. Other times, not all of the emails in the mail box show up, even though they are still there and if logged into OWA they still show up. Sometimes when the user clicks on the inbox, it actually moves up or down in the list of folders in outlook. Sometimes the inbox will not show any emails at all.
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Corrupt profile? OWA works fine? Try setting up user on another pc and config outlook.
Michael MachieIT SupervisorCommented:

How many sub-folders within all accessible mailboxes, Archives, and Online Archives - combined - are seen?

If many, like dozens, no need to count because that could take a while. I ask because issues with Outlook 2007/ 2010/ 2013 occur when you have over 200 folders within your Outlook view. What occurs is that Outlook cannot display all of the folders due to registry limitations. The behavior you state is what occurs when this problem rears it's ugly head. When this occurs ALL emails and folders display properly in OWA because it is not limited by the registry settings for Outlook.  

Now, MS states this default limitation is 500 folders but I have seen this occur with ~200. I run into this when we have someone who accesses multiple mailboxes each with a .PST archive and/ or an Online Archive within those email accounts and those mailboxes have dozens of sub-folders. The staff would lose folders, emails moved would not appear in the target folder, emails would appear in the Inbox and when moved via a Rule they would disappear - all sorts of wonkiness. Even with creating and deleting folders they would not appear or would intermittently show and not show.

What I have done is to remove non-essential Archives, folders, and sub-folders from the accessed mailboxes because good cleanup is always the best thing to do first. Next, if a User still requires all of those mailboxes and sub-folders you can tweak the registry to allow up to, I believe, 2,000 folders.

If this is your issue I will post the registry tweak - just let me know. I'll need to find it again as I cannot seem to find that document at this time.
RadioFreqAuthor Commented:
I deleted and recreated the mail profile last night and still have the same issue. OWA works fine, its just in Outlook where the problem exists. There is a total of 18 subfolders.
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RadioFreqAuthor Commented:
I also set up the user on another PC and am still having the same issue.
Michael MachieIT SupervisorCommented:
You can try to run a repair on the User's mailbox via PowerShell on the Exchange server. Sub out your User's email address below where it states 'UserDomain.com':
New-MailboxRepairRequest -Mailbox User@Domain.com -CorruptionType SearchFolder,AggregateCounts,ProvisionedFolder,FolderView -Archive
The -Archive switch at the end is used if the User also has an Exchange Online Archive enabled and you want to repair that as well. Otherwise, simply omit '-Archive'. If no Archive and you do not omit the -Archive switch the command will fail.

The process is very quick and you won't see any actual messages in PS or anywhere else except your Event Logs, listed as EventID: 10047 (when it starts the repair) and EventID: 10048 (when finished). If you see Event logs between those two messages related to the repair, then you had errors of some sort that were repaired.

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RadioFreqAuthor Commented:
Excellent advice thank you!
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