How do I get the Unity game engine to support my platform

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I'm creating a product that displays 3D images, kinda like a 3D television. I'd like developers to use the Unity Game Engine to develop apps/games for this device. I'm totally new to this stuff and wonder if that's even possible. Can I somehow get my platform to be supported by Unity? If not, would someone suggest a better approach?

The reason I want to do this: I have a 3D hardware product, and I need an IDE to develop apps for it. It looks like Unity would be a good choice because there are already millions of developers, and it's an established development platform. Again, I'm new to this, so any advice would be most appreciated.
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It sounds like your base platform is Unix based so Unity would work in principle but you'll need to get an interface to code the output to your display.  

I hope you'll forgive me for this but from your posts so far this sounds like you're enthusiastically working on the hardware development but pretty much in isolation and it's getting to a point where you are going to need to buy in the additional skills you need and rendering the Unity output to your custom display is one of those.  

At a very basic level you should be looking at the graphics hardware you are using and finding developers who understand how to get the best out of it (maybe code a very basic video player "demo" that renders to your 3D output).  If you can get there then coding the output from a games engine of your choice shouldn't be a big step at all.

You can't always do everything yourself and the learning curve for some of these stages means if you want to get to a commercial standard the time taken for you to get skilled up & do it yourself will delay product development so much that any market position you were looking for will have been taken (or worse still the market will have moved on past your entry point).



Thanks for the answer here as well. Yes, you're right, I'm working in isolation now and need additional skills. I'm working on figuring out exactly 'who' I need by trying to come up w/ some understanding of the software and hardware stack this will require.

Sound like you're suggesting that I:
- Get an interface to code the output to a display
- Figure out what kind of graphics hardware I need
- Code/find a player to that outputs to the 3D display

Question: What is the relationship between Unity and what's actually 'played' on a platform? I'm assuming that a developer uses Unity to create a game. Then, the game can be loaded onto a platform. The platform has its own texture mapping, rasterizing, physics engine, etc.

I definitely don't want to do this stuff myself. If you happen to know of someone available for consulting, I'd certainly be interested :)

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