Wildcard cert with Exchange 2007

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I have just had a new firewall installed and the config is using port forwarding and reverse proxy as i don't have many public IP addresses.

I have purchased a godaddy wildcard for HTTPS inbound requests and it works fine.

The issue i have is that connecting to exchange now uses the wildcard cert and not the exchange's UCC cert.  The installers said 'just install the wildcard on the Exchange server and that's it'.

Having looked at various posts, most state don't use wildcards on Exchange.(Outlook anywhere, autodiscover and activesync issues)  

Some others suggest it can be easily remedied by running "Set-OutlookProvider -Identity EXPR -CertPrincipalName msstd:*.domain.com

Should i tell them to sort out another method of forwarding requests and keep my UCC cert on Exchange?  Or just access Exchange using HTTP internally?

I'm not fully sure of my options, which i why i paid them to configure their firewall!

Any help appreciated
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Terminate the secure connection on the reverse proxy with the reverse proxy backend going unsecure to exchange.

Or use internally issued certificate between reverse proxy and exchange.
cheers Arnold,

so you're saying a wildcard cert will be fine?   and be ok on all the incoming exchange services, IIS OWA IMAP Autodiscovery outlookanywhere etc?
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You would need to terminate all those connections on the reverse proxy

                                                                                                      Each port is mapped to the internal host On the appropriate port
Client <=> reverse proxy (port group) with wildcard cert<

All TCP! Should work with pass through connections .

Test first a port at a time.

You may have to run individual reverse proxy instances for each port.
Some others suggest it can be easily remedied by running "Set-OutlookProvider -Identity EXPR -CertPrincipalName msstd:*.domain.com
I think that's the method I used when I used a wildcard cert with Exchange. It worked fine.
I've opted for the wildcard cert on exchange. Having issues there so will post another question. Thanks for your help

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