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I'm in the early early stages of build a hardware product that needs to run games. Lets just say that all I have is the hardware device, which is like a 3D screen. I need advice on how to architect the software side of things.

I'd like to somehow use an existing gaming IDE, so I don't need to create my own. Maybe the Unity Engine. Then I need to consider things like what's needed to have the games playable on Linux, how to have it communicate w/ the device's inputs, and how to rasterize the game visuals to the device's screen.

I'm a n00b and I know this is a big project. Even just a broad description of the software stack, or what to research would be greatly appreciated.
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VSE to Unity is possibly the best route for a beginner IDE and then think about moving to VS Pro.
Do you have the programming fundamentals sorted out?  
Does the embedded OS recognise the input devices, can you output a test image?
I'm still thinking you need to bring in the skills you are missing for this project


HI Masq,

Thank you for the comment. You're absolutely right, there are definitely missing skills. I'm still in the early stages of planning on the hardware and software side. I'm trying to figure out a high level-plan so I can hire some help. First step is for me to establish some sort of software stack. After that, I'll have something of a guide to help me with hiring. To answer your questions specifically: no, I have not sorted out the programming fundamentals or even actually have a physical device.

I'm a software engineer, but no nothing about gaming architecture. For example (silly question), does "VS Pro" mean "Visual Studio Pro"?

Thank you again,
Do you know linux/steam?

Kind regards.


Hi Lord_Garfield, I don't but could learn it or find the resources to do so. Are you suggesting that I make it a Steam app?

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