Patching Dell server and firmware

I need to update the Dell driver and firmware, including Window 64bit and Vmware. There are two link.

1. For #1, does it contain a list of window execution file and install one by one on Window32bit OS
2. For #2, is it OS independent and boot with the DVD and patch the firmware.

What's the normal way to patch the window and VMware sever ?  Tks

#1Dell Driver Pack For Windows OS, v.15.09.00

#2Dell Server Update Utility, 64 bit Format, v.15.09.00
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#2 is the way to go.

Updating drivers.
Extract the ISO onto a USB and ...........
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
#2 is OS independent, and the disc itself will boot up and guide me for the remaining things, correct ?

I do not believe the DVD is bootable for suu, the build and upgrade is the bootable media. You do not want to patch the system outside of the OS that is Installed already.
You can burn the ISO as a DVD
If you have an external USB storage of 9GB or more free,  Copy the ISO data and attach it to the system you want to patch and run the tool there. It will perform the checks, detection, and will tell you the current versions and what the new versions are.  
The suu has all updates for the covered models.

Updates can be done through f10 as well system services.
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The latest version of the SUU was too large to burn onto a DVD. One way to use it is to mount the ISO as virtual media through the iDRAC virtual console, going into System Services. It's not a bootable image. There's also a Dell Systems Build and Update Utility ISO that is bootable, From it, you can refer to the latest SUU image to get the latest updates (easy through the virtual console and virtual media). This method is generally faster than System Services and works when your LifeCycle Controller is sufficiently out of rev that it won't accept the SUU drivers as "not authorized".

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AXISHKAuthor Commented:
Is there any steps or screen dump to see how to do this ? Tks
Look at the install instructions in your link about the suu.

It is a 7GB requires a dual layer DVD to burn.
I use an external USB drive/jump drive since it is not the single system to update......
Insert the USB onto the system, it will likely auto run the interface on a Windows system.  In a Linux/UNIX environment/vmware host you would run the command line suu.......

The running/reporting would still require a final step to trigger the install.
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
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