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I manage an application that uses vb.net to edit functions and what not.  First of all, I don't know programming that well.  If I wanted to start learning vb.net.
what would be a good learning path?

1) basic programming?
2) then visualstudio community?

is learning visual studio the same as learning vb.net...
or is visual studio an app that can leverage many languages like vb.net or c++  
I maybe totally lost.

My end goal is to make formulas and functions in vb.net

one... what is the actual language I would be using
two... what application will I use to create my code...ie... visual studio?
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>>is learning visual studio the same as learning vb.net...
just think that VS is like MS Office, inside of it got MS Word, Excel, etc. Same case for VB.NET, it's a part of VS programming components.

You can always go to MSDN for the references for VS / VB.NET

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