Problem with Reversed DNS on Webmin

Steve Hill
Steve Hill used Ask the Experts™

I created Reversed DNS for my domains.

The main domain is with Name server and

I configure some subdomains from: mail01.domain1 to

Then I add the new virtual Machine, with domain name:

I create the subdomains again from to with reversed ip.

I have each ip for each sub domains.

By the way, when dig the subdomains of the, they are all resolved to first domain.

$ dig -x xxx.xx.xx.xx +short

(xxx.xx.xx.xx is the ip reversed for

I really don't understand why. I tried to delete all and created again but still the same result.

Here is my situation.
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Daniel McAllisterPresident, IT4SOHO, LLC

Reverse DNS (or PTR) records in DNS are not served by DOMAIN NAME nameservers, and for "the Internet" the PTR record for your WAN IP address(es) is/are controlled by your ISP.

While it is possible for an ISP to "delegate" the PTR ( resolution to you, that is HIGHLY unlikely unless you have a reasonably large subnet.

This is a common question people ask... but if you think about it, when you resolve a NAME to an IP address, you start at the ROOT and work your way down the domain NAMES listed. So when you try to resolve a NUMBER (IP address), why (or more correctly, HOW?) could you eventually get to a nameserver?

I hope this helps, tho a "you can't do that yourself" isn't usually a popular answer.


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