How to restore Windows 7 from an image to a new hard drive

1. Hard drive in HP laptop failed beyond recovery
2. Running Windows 7 Home 64 bit
3. Created system image on 4 DVD's before hard drive failed
4. Did not create Repair Disc from this hard drive - have one from Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
5. Got a new hard drive, formatted it and installed it in HP laptop - nothing is on the new drive
6. Set boot order in BIOS to boot from internal CD/DVD Rom drive
7. Inserted disc 1 of image in CD/DVD Rom drive - spins but does not read - black screen with blinking cursor
8. Inserted Repair Disc from Windows 7 Pro 64 bit (#4 above) - same results as #7
9. Any suggestions?  Thanks!
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I've not tried this myself, but I think if you do a Windows backup, you have to restore it from within Windows!

You'll need to do a basic Windows install from a Genuine disc, then carry out the restore.

Make sure it is the same version, eg Home premium 64-bit Service Pack 1.

You could be at risk to vulnerabilities if it is a copy.

If you download an ISO of Windows on another computer, or Linux on CD, make sure the 'checksum' matches.
I have a list of what I believe to be correct checksums for different versions and more details. If you need it.
Find the factory restore DVD's you made when you originally bought the PC, and use those to restore it back to factory defaults. That should also restore it's recovery partition, and when you boot the PC after that it should setup the same way it did when you got the PC. Once that is done you should be able to use the backup utility to restore your system from your new image DVD's.

If you didn't make those factory restore DVD's, or you have lost them, order a set from HP.

Also, if this is a PC with UEFI BIOS, make sure secureboot is turned off when trying to boot from a DVD.
Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
It's possible the DVD drive is bad.  Try booting from a "live" distro such as Knoppix to make sure you can even boot from that drive.


I don't know if the repair disks from another type of Windows will be able to restore your backup, but it should at least be able to boot part of the way.
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DeepinInfrastructure Engineer Commented:
You should the windows license key on the underneath of the laptop...

if so download windows 7 home premium from the link below, read the reviews on the link appears to be genuine - burn to a ISO and install
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I would be VERY CAREFUL about downloading a Microsoft product from a NON-MICROSOFT web site.  I've never heard of (and check my profile, I'm not a casual user).  The only authorized download site out of Microsoft that I am aware of (and I don't know if they still have it), is DigitalRiver.
DeepinInfrastructure Engineer Commented:
Your only other option it to contact HP and ask them to send you recovery cd's or usb stick . If your lucky they'll send them for free
You should be able to download Win 7 installation files from this Microsoft site
But you need to have your Product Key.
for restoring an image  -  you need the bootable cd for starting the restore
so - with whatt software did you make the image? use that to make your bootable cd - insert it, and boot from it
that should get you started
WanJoAuthor Commented:
I did get the Repair disc to boot.  Unfortunately, I made the repair disc from another computer running Windows 7 Pro ... the computer I am trying to recover after installing a new hard drive was running Windows 7 Home.  I have the image discs from Windows 7 Home but do not have the Repair Disc.  When I inserted the images discs the recovery program would not find them.  I tried to download the Windows 7 files recommended in one of the posts.  The Windows download site came back with a message stating the operating system was preloaded by the manufacturer and would not let me download.  I went to HP's support site and ordered the operating system and drivers disc set for $30.  Hopefully, that will get me back up and running ... I'll find out in about 10 days.  Thanks for the posts.  I'll let you know how it goes.
Wanjo, can you please answer my question above?
what software did you use to make the image ?
WanJoAuthor Commented:
I made the image from the hard drive that crashed.  It was running Windows 7 Home.  I made the image when the PC was new in 2010.  When I made the image discs I either did not make a repair disc or I misplaced the repair disc.  What I have learned is, the repair disc is required to boot a new hard drive.  Once the new drive is booted it should be possible to restore from the image discs.  However, the repair disc apparently must be made from the same version of the operating system you are trying to restore.  When I could not find the repair disc from Windows 7 Home, I made a repair disc from another PC running Windows 7 Pro.  I was able to boot the new hard drive (installed in the PC that crashed).  However, when I inserted the image discs the Windows 7 Recover program that gets loaded when you boot from the Repair Disc would not find the image.  From reading all the posts, I assume this is because the Repair Disc I booted from was not made from the same version of Windows 7 that I made the image from.
Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Yes, you need to boot from a repair disk made from the same OS.

You should be fine when your new disks show up.  Be sure to make copies of them and keep those copies safe.

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again - what software did you use to make the image?
that's what you need for restoring
WanJoAuthor Commented:
nobus: The image was made with Windows 7 Home software.  I went to Control Panel > Backup > Create A System Image.  See my earlier post from today.
tx wanjo  now i understand
what happens to you is why i suggest NOT to use windows imaging software - becasue the moment you upgrade - it doesn't work anymore
better use a free imaging software like paragon :
and make the install media

but you can download your home software anytime as jcmarrpon said
or delete the ei.cfg file :

tehn you can use your disc for all versions
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