Adding a click handler to Div

Hi there,
I have the following test code.  Basically, I want to make the testDataDiv invisble/visible when clicking on the TestTitleID.
I am not getting this to work.  For some reason the click callback is not called.  Can you please help with this.  Thank you.

 var jsonArray = [{Number:200, Date:24, Time:"2:2:2"}, {Number:200, Date:22, Time:"12:2:2"}, {Number:200, Date:24, Time:"21:2:2"}];

   var createGUI =  function(jsonArray) {
       var wrapperDiv = document.createElement("div");
       var titleDiv = document.createElement("div"); = "TestTitleID"; = "2px solid black";

       var titleNum = document.createElement("label");
       titleNum.innerHTML ="Number" + ":" + "200";

       var testDataDiv = document.createElement("div"); = "TestDataDivID";
       var testDataTable = document.createElement("table"); = "100%";

       var testDataHeader = document.createElement("thead");
       testDataHeader.setAttribute("style", "border:1px solid grey; background-color:#d4d3d3;");
       var testDataHeaderDate = document.createElement("th");
       testDataHeaderDate.innerHTML = "Date";
       var testDataHeaderTime = document.createElement("th");
       testDataHeaderTime.innerHTML = "Time";

       var titleRow = document.createElement("tr");

       titleRow.setAttribute("style", "border:1px dotted black; background-color:#d3d3d3;");

       var testDataBody = document.createElement("tbody");

           var TableRow = document.createElement("tr");
           var colDate = document.createElement("td");
  = "center";
           colDate.innerHTML = entry.Date.toString();
           var colTime = document.createElement("td");
  = "center";
           colTime.innerHTML = entry.Time.toString();

       return wrapperDiv;

    var addToggleEvent = function(){
        return function(){
            document.getElementById("TestDataDivID").slideToggle(500, function(){
                    console.log("Changing to invisible");
                } else{
                    console.log("Changing to visible");
    var __addCollapseHandler = function(){

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RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
Just add this to the end of your code:
$(function() {
    $("body").on("click", "#TestTitleID", function() {

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Essentially, all your doing is making sure the event handler binds to an element that exists when the page loads.  Your elements are not there yet.

The other way is to initialise the event handler after creating and inserting the elements but I find the above easier :)
Tom BeckCommented:
I see two problems with your existing code.
1.) You are mixing jQuery and javascript on this line:


What you want is this:

document.getElementById("TestTitleID").onclick = addToggleEvent;

2.) You have a function assigned to a variable returning an anonymous function. Not working. Just do this:

var addToggleEvent = function(){
            $("#TestDataDivID").slideToggle(500, function(){
                    console.log("Changing to invisible");
                } else{
                    console.log("Changing to visible");

Updated jsfiddle.

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