closing laptop lid too soon


i have a friend who had his laptop restarting to recovery mode, because the startup partition was not seen anymore
i was able to help him solve it -  but he claims that it occured after doing the following:
1- he selected shutdown  (as usual) - this takes about 1 minute to complete; however, before completion
2- he closed the lid of the laptop

anyone of you know of such problem?
is this likely to be a problem?  (closing the lid too fast, after initiating the shutdown ?)

if possible, backup your opinion as much as possible, with articles, or data
i don't know if it matters, but it is an HP laptop, windows 7 - 64 bit
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
he might be better off with instead of shutdown to select hibernate or sleep
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
>>  Is this likely to be a problem?  (closing the lid too fast, after initiating the shutdown ?)

That could be turning off the computer before it has finished doing the shutdown process.  Could leave files unsaved and data lost and possible registry corruption.  Note the use of the words could and possible.

Best process is to let the laptop shutdown fully before closing the lid.
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
In Power Options of the control panel, you can choose what happens when the lid is closed.
My preferred option is "sleep" (although many prefer hibernation).

For handiness and reducing the possibility of future session termination errors,
let your friend get used to simply closing the lid when they are finished
and to make full shutdowns/restarts the exception.
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Troubleshoot by changing the setting here
Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options
Alter the setting for what happens with closing the lid.

The power config options are executed as a priority so if you have a shutdown instruction in the power settings this could be triggered before the user instruction from the start button.  This is often the case where users expect Windows to shut running applications as part of the shutdown process and Task Manager is waiting for user input to terminate (an open, unsaved file for example).

Windows has its own power config troubleshooter that looks at shutdown times
at Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Troubleshooting "Improve power usage"
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Agree -- what likely happened is a conflict between the shutdown and the setting in power options for "what to do when the lid is closed".

If your friend always shuts down the system before closing the lid, then I'd simply set the lid closure action to "do nothing".

An alternative is to set that option to "shutdown" [or, perhaps a bit safer if there happens to be unsaved work, "hibernate"] and tell your friend to turn the system off by simply closing the lid instead of manually shutting it down.

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Closing the lid too soon can sometimes be problematic, but NOT in the sense you are thinking of.
You are probably thinking software, the shutdown signal, then whatever the signal the lid gives (could be sleep, hibernated, shutdown). The lid closing, however, is still a Windows signal, and therefore can safely be disregarded as a probable cause. Even if it was a strange bug, the laptop would still be in sleep or hibernated mode, not :/ recovery.
What happens most, is the hard bang when closing the lid, or even the rough pick up and putting it in the bag while the drive is still spinning. Of course, if this model is an SSD model, this can't be the case, but I bet on eating my shoes it's a traditional hard disk? Even if it wasn't physical cause, it's still an extremely unlikely result of events, not related to the normal Windows shutdown routine (other hardware problems, other software bugs, a circumstance you will never encounter again, or if it does, a really hard one to catch).
Luckily, this is only in extreme cases (and some hard disk have a bit of protection against this), but trust me, millions if not billions times a day, people are always shutting down and closing the lid. If that really caused start up problems, Microsoft wouldn't exist like it did today.
nobusAuthor Commented:
trying to answer all posters :
David - that was not the question here
dbrunton - i know the could and should  -and the shutdown process; so you don't offer anything new imo
Eirman the same goes for your post
masq  suggests changing power options - but doesn't say to what
Garycase - up to now - is the only one suggesting something distinct; >>"lid closure action to "do nothing".
Kimputer - it's a regular disk - no SSD -  you are the only one contradicting all above

**note that my advise was : wait for the normal shutdown to finish -before closing the lid
i'm curious as to the follow-up
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
masq  suggests changing power options - but doesn't say to what
LOL - Did you look at the options available? - there's not much to choose from :)
nobusAuthor Commented:
well masq - why not post them ? then "i don't have to look " for them
but tx anyway - it points in the "good" direction it seems
nobusAuthor Commented:
any more suggestions??
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
None from me => as I noted earlier, I'd either change the lid close action to "Do Nothing" OR change it to either "Shut Down" or "Hibernate", depending on whether or not the user wants to shut down the system him/her-self.

It could also be set to "Sleep", but I prefer to use the shutdown or hibernate options so there's no drain on the battery.
nobusAuthor Commented:
Gary, that's what i will be suggesting him

nobody has had this problem?
nobusAuthor Commented:
i would have liked some response from people that actually had this problem
but there seems no other explication - so i close this
tx guys
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