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Receive SMS when an email arrives

I have a GMail email account that I don't use very often. However I want to be notified immediately by SMS on my smartphone when a new email arrives. Is there any way to do this?
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If you have the gmail app installed and data enabled you will get notifications of the email and content. No need for SMS.

Do you have Andrioid or Iphone? The article below shows you how to enable notifications
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In fact my cellphone is provided by my company and I don't want to synchronize this private inbox with it. That's why I want SMS notification
Thanks but it looks like the SMS notification option in Google calendar is no longer provided by Google.
Any alternative? Even using a third party application on my phone?
You could just setup gmail to forward your emails to your txt message address ( then you'll get a txt each time a message is sent to the address.

Here's how to setup this solution:

Authorize the Forwarding Address
First stop is to add an authorized forwarding email address to your account. Not all providers require this step but Gmail does, and it’s a welcome security feature. Navigate to the forwarding menu by clicking on the gear in the upper right hand corner and Settings -> Forwarding POP/IMAP.

Click “Add a forwarding address.” When prompted insert your phone number and SMS gateway in the format specified by your cellular provider. If you’re using Spring, for example, the format is

After you enter the address and click OK you’ll receive a message from Google at that address (and by address we mean to your phone via SMS) with a security code. The code is the nine digit number in the subject line. Enter that code to confirm that you control the address the mail will be forwarded to and click OK.

Back at the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” menu you’ll now see the forwarding disabled by default and the new address listed (as seen in the screenshot above). This is perfect, you needed to authorize the address so it was available for general use but you don’t want to blanket forward all your email to that address.

Create the Filter
Before you set up a filter for the emails you’re expecting we suggest setting up a filter for an email address you control so that you can test out the filter to ensure it works. It’s easy to use the very email address you’re setting up the filter on for this task.

To create a filter in Gmail you simply use the search function to search for the string you wish to filter for. Click the down-arrow on the search box after you complete the search and you’ll see an advanced menu.

It’s worth noting you can also do this by navigating to Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP -> Creative Filter, but using the search method is faster and pre-populates the filter form for you.

Down at the bottom of your search results you’ll see a small link “Create a filter with this search.”

On the next screen, check “Forward it to” and select your SMS gateway address.

Select “Create filter” to save your filter.

Now you will get a text when the address gets a text message.
Thanks for this long contribution
I guess the first step is to find the SMS gateway of my cell phone provider
Being an expat in Korea, my provider is "Olleh" and I have hard time finding its SMS gateway because all webpages are written in Korean. Still searching. Sorry for the lag time
Just spit-balling here but you could write a fairly simple Google script to monitor for incoming mail that when it does detect it, call a third party sms site's API to send you a sms.
Google script gmail examples:

If you're keen on this I'll explain/work on it further
Thanks for the proposal. But this may be a bit complicated and I don't know any site that would send free sms reliably (eg: even when my phone is off). Also Google no longer offers sms in calendar. It may be easier that I check manually my inbox every day
That is all correct and checking manually is by far the easiest way.

It all depends on what you're willing to pay for. If you want free, check manually. If you're happy to pay, Google script with third party sms API.
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I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

No practical solution even with the help of experts
My solution is practical, it just isn't free :)
I also object. My solution works, I set it up last night.
Thanks a lot for your help but
1- I was not able to get the SMS gateway from my Korean phone provider
2- I commented that a manual check is more practical
Your solutions may work on a general basis but is either non possible or practical for me. Whereas I could not check and solve my problem, I feel it is more consistent to close the question. Unless there is a way to archive it as is for other users.
The SMS gateway can be found by simply sending a SMS message to an email address instead of a phone number. The message will come from (yourphonenumber@smsgateway)
I've just tried the solution and it doesn't work.  It is completely dependant on the provider.  In Australia, because we operate on a "sender pays" scenario, this functionality has been blocked.  I suspect the same is in Korea.

That means the accepted solution is only relevant for countries where this has been enabled.  A more complete solution would be to integrate a 3rd party SMS provider or check manually.