Help Configuring 2 Separate WiFi Networks Same Auditorium Shared Internet Connection for 2 Auditoriums

Hi, I am trying to setup two routers with separate WiFi in each of two  auditoriums sharing a single internet connection. The reason is about 60 to 70 people are using each network sometimes simultaneously sometimes separately.  Only 6 must have connection in each auditorium, they are also connecting to a separate apple TV on the network in each auditorium, for running videos for teaching purposes.  The problem is the teachers sharing with the students who don't need to have the same quality of  internet was causing massive problems.  

I want to separate it into two separate WiFi channels and give access to the apple TV and priority to the internet to the teachers and give whatever is left to the students.  I was going to use a wired router after the Comcast commercial router, then a line is already there to each auditorium.  Next setup two routers in each auditorium linked to each other to the internet.  

I am not sure how to configure this or what additional hardware I might need.  I appreciate any help, and details of how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.
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I think the main point is to use separate SSIDs for instructors vs students. That's the only way I can think of that would allow you to discriminate between the two levels of traffic.

Is WiFi generally available at your institution? Or is this the first place you're making WiFi available to students?

You wouldn't even necessarily have to have separate WiFi access point devices; some higher-end devices will provide a protected and unprotected SSID in one box (so-called "guest" access).

You can probably use QOS (Quality-Of-Service) settings in the access points or the routers to give priority to the instructor devices.

Just be warned that WiFi security has always been susceptible to hacking, so if you have students who like to experiment and tinker, they may well discover ways to access the protected network.
BrainstormpcAuthor Commented:
I tried QOS on a system as well as a dual band router, it just wasn't good enough.  The only time the instructors weren't being bumped off was when I changed the password for only the instructors and let the students back on at the end of the course which is labor intensive and unpractical.  However I will be using separate ssids.  Thanks for your quick response.
If instructors were getting bumped off or not getting sufficient bandwidth to do their task, that seems like a misconfiguration problem; it should be possible to solve with a decent WiFi router.

So, for your setup, you want to set up an intranet that includes the instructor's devices, the Apple TV, and a gateway to the Internet; all this can go through the WiFi access point you set up for the instructors' use. For student access, you set up a second WiFi access point with a different SSID and give this access point a gateway to your internet as well. This way, nobody can compete with the instructors for intranet access, but everyone ends up competing for internet access.

Ordinary consumer-grade WiFi access points may not be able to handle 100 or more simultaneous connections. It would be worth it to check the specs on any routers you are considering to see whether they are built to handle this level of traffic. The WiFi bands are going to be pretty congested, but you should be able to find devices that can handle it.

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BrainstormpcAuthor Commented:
Thanks that is really helpful,  I am looking at routers to fit those specs now.  Thanks for your help!
BrainstormpcAuthor Commented:
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