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Cant shrink partition

Hello Experts,
I have a remote laptop, Toshiba core i7 win 10

it does not let me shrink the c: partition to around 300 gb
the d: partition I just created but it only allows me a max capacity of 2.9 Gb i need this to be around 600 Gb

I used MINI TOOL PARTITION, but it shows a message sayng cant do the shrink becasue the disl is in use... and requests restart... after restart all is the same... no change

Also used Defragler before shrinking and I have noticed that after defragmenting;  a few sectors at the end of the space remain unmoved... could this be the problem ?

What can I do to shrink the c: partition?

please see image
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You can download disk image from partition wizard, burn it to disk and then boot system from disk. Than you'll be able can resize your disk since disk is not in use.
MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable 9.1 - download image file.
But, just to add that Minitool Partition Wizard, even without bootable CD should resize partitions. It should offer you to restart PC and apply changes (then Minitool will restart your PC  - if you accept to do so), in that case before windows boot up partition manager insert itself, changes partition sizes and restarts PC again.
"... I have a remote laptop ..."  => Does this mean you don't have physical access to it ??

IF you have access to the laptop, you can easily resize the partition using Boot-It BM  (but you can't do this remotely).

Simply download it and create a bootable CD;  boot the CD and select CANCEL at the first prompt (you don't want to actually install it) ... then go to Maintenance Mode.     Click on Partition Work.    Highlight the partition you want to resize, and then click on ReSize.     Set the size you want and then just wait for it to complete ... then boot the system and you'll have plenty of free space after C:     Note that since the free space will be right after C: and BEFORE the D: partition you won't be able to expand D: directly.   You can simply delete it and recreate it to use all of the available space.

If you don't want to delete and then re-create D:, you can use Boot-It to "Slide" that partition so there's zero free space BEFORE it ... moving all the free space just after D:, so you can expand it.
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Thanks to all Experts!!