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One- drive

I have two laptops both with one-drive (both with the same email and the same password).

It seems, there are two one-drives (one per laptop). When I add a file to my one-drive via laptop-1, it doesn't show up when logged to one-drive from laptop 2.

Of course these are private documents and prefer not to use public folder.
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Can you open One Drive from Word or other Office application and use the same Microsoft Live login user name?
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I created a docx file in laptop2 and saved the same file in its one-drives:
(3 places).
I am not able to see them from laptop1 (in file explorer or via Ms Word).

FYI, I have update laptop2 to windows 10 but I have not updated laptop1 to windows 10 (I will keep it in Windows 7).

I wonder if this is the reason why I am not able to see the files created in one from another?
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I had save an small image in Laptop2 in shared drive. It seems I could see it from the other computer. I am testing the process again with more files.

There are three location to save files in One_Drive:
1- Shared Favorite
2- Publc
3- Others like document etc.

In 1 and 2, user could see the files between the computers.
In option 3, the files stay in sink between a designated computer (this is sort of backup I guess).

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Do you use your Microsoft a account to log on to Windows 10? You can't do that on Windows 7 - could this be the cause of your two-tone drives?
@Gerwin Jansen,

Sorry for closing the question too soon. Do you agree with my statements on my last post?
@Mike, no problem, I was about to test the situation myself but since you've solved it, it's fine with me ;)
Thanks Mike, I had never tried One Drive in Windows 7. Gerwin - Are you OK with the above?
I have been working with OneDrive on Windows7 and Windows10 and I don't sync all folders. Just a final check that you didn't accidentally uncheck any of the folders from option 3 in Settings under Choose Folders. That's where you can set folders you (don't) want to sync from your OneDrive.