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Bios update failure - laptop now dead

Was updating a Toshiba bios and laptop now wont power up.

Elec was attached. Battery full charged.
I took pics of progress and now wont power up :-(

Tried removing battery and elec and holding down power button - same - nada on screen. No Toshiba splash screen, Nothing ...
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Try the following from my Lenovo how to stuff:

Remove the hard and media drives, battery and unplug the AC adapter. Press the "power" button ten times in a row, holding it down for ten seconds each time, and thirty seconds the last time around.

See if that procedure helps. Let's hope so.
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The 2nd picture indicates it went past the BIOS and attempted to boot Windows, and Windows shut down due to an error it detected.    This is different than the BIOS simply not working at all.

Did the BIOS flash screen (the first picture) fill with the appropriate status blocks as it was doing the flash ??

If so, you likely just need to reset the CMOS data -- the process John described above MAY do that for you.   Leave the hard drive removed after you do that and see if it will then boot to the BIOS.    [If the BIOS is set for secure boot, it may be booting to the hard drive's boot sector so fast you never get a BIOS display ... but with the drive removed that won't be the case.]
along garycase's point.
F2 to get into the bios. del/esc/f10 as applicable.
f8 when windows boots try last good configuration.
double check the hd is set to use the correct type ahci.....
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If the blue screen appears during the update of the bios you really might have a problem.
In many cases the main board will be bricked when the bios update is disturbed.

But another thing you could try is to locate the cmos battery of your laptop remove it along with AC adapter and normal laptop battery and wait for at least 60 minutes, Then put back cmos battery laptop batterypack and ac adapter and try to boot the machine.

This procedure will clear out the cmos ram where some bios parameters are stored. But its a last resort of things you can try yourself.

Another thing you can do is to approach toshiba support and ask for the bios crisis disk for your laptop. THis is a special boot disk helping in revovering damaged bioses. Here is a procedure on how to power up the PC with the cisis disk.

unfortunately the links in the referenced post are not valid anymore, so you need to contact support and hope they will help you out.
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I tried everything and nothing worked.