Facebook font changes

My Facebook fonts have been changed.  Every Facebook page shows the same problems.

See the attached.

This print screen is on a XP machine.  I have the same problem on a Windows 7 machine, a Samsung tablet and phone.

Noticed the Firefox tabs are effected, the Facebook dropdowns are effected,

It doesn't occur on any other web pages or programs or files.  Facebook related pages only.

The Facebook screen is so messed up I can't find Facebook help to fix it .

Does anyone have any ideas.

Dan EckertPC repair for seniorsAsked:
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Ankit PareekOnline MarketingCommented:
try to change your Facebook page language setting first
    Click at the top right of Facebook and select Settings
    Click Language
    Select a primary language and click Save Changes

You must be choose your language as English restart the facebook logout and login again.

You can also try to check in different browser may be reason your browser setting changed recently

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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I believe there is an ad on Facebook that changes some of the fonts.  I have not been able to locate it yet.  If you open a new window, does it clear up?  If you shut down you browser and re-open it, does it clear up?
Dan EckertPC repair for seniorsAuthor Commented:
Ankit & David

I get the same result in all browsers.  I've even started using AdBlocker Browser which is very  good but I still get the same changed fonts.

One clue: on other machines the font change is different.  The sample I sent they look like little boxes.  In other browsers and machines they look like emoticons.  On my phone they are different too.

As you can see from sample even the drop downs are changed.  It's impossible to find any setting without just clicking to see what happens.  That could be even worse.

Does anybody know how to get to someone at Facebook with a phone call or an email address.  Their processes for that includes a lot of changed fonts.
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Dan EckertPC repair for seniorsAuthor Commented:
Ankit & Dave

They look different on every browser and every machine. On the sample I sent they look like little squares.  This sample was made on a good XP machine.  I've run Facebook on this XP for years.

On a Windows 7 they look like little emoticons, on my samsung tablet and phone they look even more different.

The change even effects the drop downs as you can see on my sample.  It makes it impossible to make changes without just guessing and trying different places to click.  That could make things worse.

I've even started using ADBlocker Browser and they are corrupted there as well.

Does any body know how to get a hold of Facebook with an email or phone number.  Can't find my way through the font changes to find a "Help" section that works.  Every Facebook page is corrupted and unreadable.

Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I'm not having any font problem on Facebook on my two XP machines on my desk.
Dan EckertPC repair for seniorsAuthor Commented:
Got it fixed.  It's working now.  Found a page that allowed me to restart the English version.
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