MDT 2013 offline media asks for User Credentials

Ron Dokken
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For background, please see this question:

During deploy from offline media (USBor ISO) this message appears

user credentials - to what?
This is how the rules for the media look. Obviously two lines points to the MDT server, that is not present during offline deploy.

What do these lines do, do you experts think?

-The deployment can completes after pressing cancel.
-The goal is to have a completely independent offline deploy.

media->properties->rules (modifies customsettings.ini for media)
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Systems Administrator

You have not specified credentials to connect to any shares.  The two sections highlighted are for logging only and are not needed.  if you specifiy those for offline media then the script will ask you for credentials to copy logs to post build.   Just remove them if not needed.


Just what I thought :)

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