BT Home Hub not receiving emails

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Hi Experts,

I am going to look at an issue this afternoon. The Issue is that the BT Home Hub WiFi does not allow any device connected to it to receive emails to a personal email domain.

I do not have details for this email domain nor have I tested anything in the environment myself so admittedly this information is a bit vague.

The user also has a windows mobile device which works fine receiving emails on other WiFi connections.

the WiFi at the user's house works fine for everything except receiving these emails.

so we have 2 PC's and 1 Phone unable to receive emails sent to this email domain.
these devices work fine on the internet
Devices receive emails fine when connected to alternative WiFi / Networks.

this suggests to me that the router is at fault, it is a BT home hub.

any suggestions welcome
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It may be a DNS or MTU issue.  I think you need to do some testing at the site and change the client's DNS servers manually to something like to test.
I have never encountered a router that blocked incoming email, ever!  Outbound (SMTP), yes and on a regular basis; but, inbound, no.
I can think of 3 possibilities:
Somebody really messed up that router.  If its DSL, get the login name and password for PPPOE, do a factory reset, and set it up again.
Their ISP has blacklisted their domain or its mx records are messed up.  Check it at
There is a DNS issue as craigbeck said.  What happens when you do PING <domainname>
Do the first one last!

BT Home HUB; unfortunately, is like saying Ford.  We'd need a make and model to give more specific help.
Hi Guys,

thanks for your input , I was really confused by this issue as well, once onsite I done some testing myself. I was not able to ping the domain. if I tried to ping I would get no response yet I could ping

I then noticed that the laptop and mobile were connected to a WiFi Extender. this Wifi Extender was causing the issue. I could not tell you exactly what it was doing but it was fairly close to the router and it would appear that there was a conflict between the two devices...

I took the wifi repeater (extender) and placed it a few rooms down so the devices were not attempting to connection to one and then the other and back and forth. this allowed the devices to have one connection and stick with it until moving to the other side of the building.

the emails instantly started working after this, I could ping google and the speed of connecting to the internet seemed vastly improved.

after returning the extender into the same room the issue started to re-occur so I put this down to conflicting of devices. which is why they were acting so weird.

I don't know if the devices couldn't authenticate the email domain because they were disconnecting and reconnecting between the devices before they had a chance to establish a secure connection.

its been working fine since!

thanks again for your input but in this instance I think it was a case of checking the simple things before anything to complicated.

and apologies DavisMcCarn for not mentioning the model of the BT home hub as I did not have this information.


accepted the solution because this was how it was fixed

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