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Exchange 2007 - Exchange 2013 Coexistance

Just Implementing Coexistence with exchange servers,

I think ii am almost done I have moved 1 user over onto the new 2013 server, that user can send mail fine, (externally) if you try to reply you get and error 550 invalid recipient

any help much appreciated
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Wasim Shaikh
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Moved the SMTP traffic to Ex2013?
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the traffic on the firewall is still pointing to the old exchange 2007 server

is that the reason

I thought that 2007 would pass the mail over
Hi can anybody else assist? even if I change the Mail route on the firewall to point to the new 2013 server it still replies with invalid recipient
Internally all is fine its just external
Make sure that the Default Frontend <SERVERNAME> (FrontendTransport) and Default <SERVERNAME> (HubTransport) connectors have Exchange servers and Legacy Exchange servers checked in the Permission groups of the security settings.  Also make sure that they have Exchange Server authentication set in the Authentication section; e.g. -User generated imageUser generated image
Just checked that all looks ok
What about your connectors on the Exchange 2007 server?

Yes they are the same all receive connected have the legacy and exchange servers in them
Internal mailflow from ex2007 to ex2013 and vice verse is working?
You can send email from 2013 mailbox to internet?
N when you reply to that email you get the error mentioned.
When you receive email from 2013 mailbox, will you verify the SMTP address shown in from is correct?
It would be helpful if you can post complete NDR.
All above is correct yes, I'll send over NDR ASAP , I have just left for the day

Thanks for your help
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Naushad shaikh
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Ok You are right I moved a user that is no longer at the company, and his email was removed by the Anti Spam Facility at Message Labs, so I re added the user and Bingo, we are good to go .

However since I have moved that user over to the 2013 server, when opening outlook it fails to open saying the exchange server could not be contacted.

I have changed the internal URLs for outlook web access to point to have I missed anything? domain URL will bing use for old exchange not for exchange 2013. As per the your question what I understand, you have problem to receiving email from outside. Internal email flow is working fine also this problem is not related to outlook.

 If that user has AD+mailbox account he/she will be able to send and receive email internally without problem. You have to check the email gateway setting for it and that user account must be listed there.

Which mail gateway you are using?
Mail flow is working fine now its just when I open outlook on that users machine, now that I have moved to the new exchange server the mailbox can no longer be found