Conditional Formatting Issue - MS Excel

I am trying to utilize conditional formatting logic  and for an unknown reason I cannot get it to function correctly on other spreadsheets and/or tabs.  

The new tab I added data to is entitled:  Testing

The conditional formatting rule that is working is on tab:  Q_2871141  (I received this logic from Fanpages a couple weeks ago)

I have copied the exact formula to an additional tab and to other spreadsheets and cannot determine why it won't work as it does on the 1st tab.  The data format on the new tab is the same as is on the tab that is working correctly.

My New tab - "Testing"
Tab that is working - "Q_2871141"

The goal of the formula is to compare rows with the same value in column B and highlight the differences for any subsequent rows, as it does on the 1st tab.

Any help to resolve my issue is very much appreciated.
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Ryan ChongCommented:
it seems that the content in both sheets: Q_28711441 and Testing are different?

How these 2 sheets are related to each other? since the values of sheets are different, even we copy the conditional formatting from sheets: Q_28711441 to Testing, it may not work.
azaunAuthor Commented:
The data in the 2 tabs is different, however I would like the comparison to be the same - to compare subsequent rows with the same value in column B and highlight the differences for any subsequent rows, as it does on the 1st tab.

For example:
Row 2 & 3 should be compared because column B - "code", value = 24 is the same
Row 4 & 5 should be compared because column B - "code, value = 28 is the same

Hopefully that makes sense.
Ryan ChongCommented:
>> to compare subsequent rows with the same value in column B and highlight the differences for any subsequent rows
ok, so which column need to be highlighted if there's difference in Sheet: Testing?
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azaunAuthor Commented:
Using column B as the basis, it should compare any specified columns in the range inside the conditional formatting formula:   I believe in the "testing" tab it is as below:

"Testing" tab:
Applies To:  =$B$2:$AE$234
Formula:  =B2<>OFFSET(B2,MATCH(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE($B2,"?","~?"),"*","~*"),$B:$B,0)-ROW(),0)

the number columns included can be different depending on the dataset in the tab.

For some reason the same Formula, with a different range works on the 1st tab - "Q_28711441"
Ejgil HedegaardCommented:
The problem on sheet Testing is that a lot of the cells have trailing spaces.
As example: B2 = "24", 2 characters , but B3 ="24                                 ", 35 characters
It looks the same, but is not.
The problem with the spaces are for every uneven row.
So when you compare there is never a match in column B.
Go to B3, press F2 and see where the marker is.
Remove all the spaces and the formula will work for row 3.
But not as expected, since same problem are in all the other columns, so to many cells are marked.

I think the conditional formula is much to complicated to see if 2 cells following each other are not equal, when the 2 cells in column B are equal.
This will do the same =AND($B2=$B1,B2<>B1)
I have removed all the spaces on sheet Testing, and changed the conditional formula to the above.

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azaunAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  The spaces corrected my issue - I am going to stay with my original formula however, since there can be more than 2 rows in the comparison.
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