Sharepoint Search not working

After attempting to migrate the Sharepoint database to a new server we had to roll back because Sharepoint wouldn't come up.  

After rolling back everything Sharepoint comes up but the search service doesn't work.  When trying to search we get the following:

We had read to delete the search service application and create a new one.  However, the attempt to delete the search service application failed.  Now if you go into the search service application administration we see information for System Status, Crawl History, but not Search Application Topology.  In that section we just get a spinning loading graphic.  
We tried to create a new Search service application, which created fine,  however when we go into the Administration of that under system status we get the following:
Crawl status      The search service is not able to connect to the machine that hosts the administration component. Verify that the administration component 'a974299b-d9fb-480f-8f39-3b2a0a582dfa' in search application 'Search Service App' is in a good state and try again.

We also get a spinning loading graphic under the Search Application Topology here.

Our Sharepoint person had left and the 2 of us trying to figure it out are very raw at Sharepoint.  I'm sure I left out important detail.  Will be happy to provide anything needed.  

Thank you.
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OK a couple of basic things first.
Is this a single server install?
It looks like the configuration of these services is trying to use your old server, I assume the new one is a different name?  Could you create a DNS CNAME to point traffic targetting the old server to the new one? (this would be a big of bodge but might get things working enough for you to reconfigure).
Di you move the content or the whole thing?  Moving content is not generally a problem, trying to move the whole of Sharepoint is a pain (if not impossible and unneccesary).

To solve these issues first you need to get a good log viewer asn start to look at SharePoints logs, which will give you MUCH more information on what is actually happening. For example:

The normal method of fixing these issues is to follow the path you are taking - you can normally remove the exisiting service application and simply configure a new one.  As you are struggling to do this it is likely that there is another more fundamental piece of configuration that requires changing first, however its impossible to know what that could be as there are so many possible factors when moving a SharePoint install.  The SharePoint databases contain many references to whatever machine they were installed on, and so migration of the whole thing to a new machine can often be a huge effort.  However moving content database should not be too much of an an effort.

Is it possible for you to create a new Sharepoint instance on a fresh machine, configure that (i.e. connections, service applications etc) from scratch, then move the content from your existing server onto that?
FLPeopleAuthor Commented:
It is a single server configuration.  The new server was a different name but we had other issues trying to move forward so we rolled back to the old server.  That is when the problems with Search began.

What we just did yesterday was create a new sharepoint instance on a fresh machine and named everything the same as the previous prod server.  We moved it all over and that was successful.  We have however brought the search issue with.

We did try to remove the existing service application but it failed.  It will not remove.
If you created a new SharePoint instance it would not have a search aplication configured  so I'm not sure I understand?
I would recommend just bringing over content dbs.

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FLPeopleAuthor Commented:
We were still working on understanding..sorry for any confusion.  We brought over everything to a new server and changed the instance names on the new server to match the old...more less do a drop and shift.

Basically the search issue ended up being a user id access problem.  At least that's what it was after the move.  At some point a co-worked changed the search id.  After the move they remembered they changed it so they switched it back.  

Personally I'm glad it's over.  I am now sharepoint free as it belongs to a team member now.  
Thank you for your help.
FLPeopleAuthor Commented:
I was pointed in the right direction.  We had already tried or were trying those things but they were the right things to try based on what we were getting..especially since I know I wasn't explaining things the clearest.
Glad you fixed it :)
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