Problem with Vlookup in VBA

I am trying to use Vlookup in a macro but can't get it to Work.
I have a sheet called "Pivot" and a sheet called "Data2".
I build a new sheet called "Raabalance" with data from both sheets with this code:

Sub Opdaterdata()
Dim i_rowidx1, i_rowidx2, i_rowidx3 As Integer
Dim rngstart As Range
Dim primo As Currency
Dim k_nr As String
'On Error GoTo Fejl

Set rngstart = Worksheets("Pivot").Range("A1")
i_data1_idx = rngstart.CurrentRegion.Rows.Count

On Error Resume Next

i_vareliste_idx = 2
For i = 2 To i_data1_idx

  k_nr = Worksheets("Pivot").Cells(i, 1)
  primo = 0
'  primo = [VLOOKUP(k_nr, Data2!A1:X200, 2, FALSE)]
' primo = Application.VLookup(k_nr, Tabel_Forespørgsel_fra_EGDTA1, 2, 0)
' primo = Worksheet.VLookup(k_nr, Tabel_Forespørgsel_fra_EGDTA1, 2, 0)
'  primo = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(k_nr, Tabel_Forespørgsel_fra_EGDTA1, 2, 0)
'  primo = Application.Worksheet.VLookup(k_nr, Tabel_Forespørgsel_fra_EGDTA1, 2, 0)
'  primo = Application.Worksheet.VLookup(k_nr, Tabel_Forespørgsel_fra_EGDTA1, 2, 0)
  'primo = Application.Worksheet.Function.VLookup(k_nr, Tabel_Forespørgsel_fra_EGDTA1, 2, 0)
  primo = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(k_nr, "Data2!a1:x400", 2, 0)
  Worksheets("Raabalance").Cells(i_vareliste_idx, 1).Value = Worksheets("Pivot").Cells(i, 1)
  'Saldi januar-december
  Worksheets("Raabalance").Cells(i_vareliste_idx, 2).Value = Worksheets("Pivot").Cells(i, 2) + primo
  Worksheets("Raabalance").Cells(i_vareliste_idx, 3).Value = Worksheets("Pivot").Cells(i, 3) + primo
  Worksheets("Raabalance").Cells(i_vareliste_idx, 4).Value = Worksheets("Pivot").Cells(i, 4) + primo
  Worksheets("Raabalance").Cells(i_vareliste_idx, 5).Value = Worksheets("Pivot").Cells(i, 5) + primo
  Worksheets("Raabalance").Cells(i_vareliste_idx, 6).Value = Worksheets("Pivot").Cells(i, 6) + primo
  Worksheets("Raabalance").Cells(i_vareliste_idx, 7).Value = Worksheets("Pivot").Cells(i, 7) + primo
  Worksheets("Raabalance").Cells(i_vareliste_idx, 8).Value = Worksheets("Pivot").Cells(i, 8) + primo
  Worksheets("Raabalance").Cells(i_vareliste_idx, 9).Value = Worksheets("Pivot").Cells(i, 9) + primo
  Worksheets("Raabalance").Cells(i_vareliste_idx, 10).Value = Worksheets("Pivot").Cells(i, 10) + primo
  Worksheets("Raabalance").Cells(i_vareliste_idx, 11).Value = Worksheets("Pivot").Cells(i, 11) + primo
  Worksheets("Raabalance").Cells(i_vareliste_idx, 12).Value = Worksheets("Pivot").Cells(i, 12) + primo
  Worksheets("Raabalance").Cells(i_vareliste_idx, 13).Value = Worksheets("Pivot").Cells(i, 13) + primo
  i_vareliste_idx = i_vareliste_idx + 1
Next i

End Sub

The Vlookup for the value "Primo" is not working.

Cells from sheet "Pivot":
71112      0      0      -514,66      0      0      -514,66      0      0      -514,66      0      0      0

Cells from sheet "Data2"
71112      -2058,64

Please help...

Regards Bente
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Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
How about a sample file for testing. There might even be a problem with the data.
Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:

primo = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(k_nr, range("Data2!a1:x400"), 2, 0)
AmandinaAuthor Commented:
Hi Saqib,
I tried your first comment, did not Work.
I have created a sample file with just a little data as it is confidental.
Hope you can help.
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Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
Ok then try

primo = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(Worksheets("Pivot").Cells(i, 1), Range("Data2!a1:x400"), 2, 0)
Ejgil HedegaardCommented:
k_nr is a string, but the lookup values on the sheet are numbers, so k_nr must be converted to a number, or vlookup fails.
primo = WorksheetFunction.VLookup(CLng(k_nr), Range("Data2!A1:X400"), 2, 0)

The table on the sheet is named "Tabel_Forespørgsel_fra_EGDTA3", and for named ranges [ ] brackets can be used, like this.
primo = WorksheetFunction.VLookup(CLng(k_nr), [Tabel_Forespørgsel_fra_EGDTA3], 2, 0)

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Roy CoxGroup Finance ManagerCommented:
When you are developing code do not use error handlers until the code actually works. If you do then possible error alerts that may help will be stopped.

Instead of VLOOKUP in Excel look at the .Find method in VBA
AmandinaAuthor Commented:
Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
Does that mean that the second formula I gave did not work?
AmandinaAuthor Commented:
No, it did not Work.  The problem was the difference between string and numbers.  But thanks
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