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If string results equals

Dear Experts

I am using a drag and drop facility (courtesy of EE) to perform various tasks. Once a document has been dragged into the drop off area  (Me.txtDrop) a string is created 'ExtensionType' which works out the file extension (eg pdf  xls etc.). This all works fine, but I need to add in an IF statement wrapper to handle user errors that basically does this:

If 'ExtensionType' is empty then bring up a message saying "No document has been dragged across"
If 'ExtensionType' is NOT 'pdf' OR 'doc' OR 'docx'  then bring up a message saying "this file format is not supported"
else carry in with the rest of the code ...

Can anyone help?
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Could be:
Dim Message As String
Select Case ExtensionType
    Case ""
        Message =  "No document has been dragged across."
    Case  "pdf", "doc", "docx"
        ' OK.
    Case Else
        Message =  "This file format is not supported."
End Select

If Message <> "" Then
    MsgBox Message
    Exit Sub
End If

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Thanks for this, apologies for the delay in accepting