using multiple database in adf application

is it possible to have one global data source i have one application which is using diffirent database but those database have the same data model(erd) but diffirent data so if i have global data source which will go and read from all the database

am in jdeveloper
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Helena Markováprogrammer-analystCommented:
I am not sure I have understood your question correctly.
If you want to use data from different databases then you can import data to your "global" data source. The database in your application will be the same.
chalie001Author Commented:
If your question is about oracle and whether there's an oracle declaration which will ignore database names and pull from all databases, the answer is no.  You have to identify the databases.
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chalie001Author Commented:
am asking from adf view can application use multiple database instance
Helena Markováprogrammer-analystCommented:
An application can use one database instance at one time.
If you want to use data from different databases, then there are database links:
database link - In a schema object, a schema object in one database that enables users to access objects on a different database.
Helena Markováprogrammer-analystCommented:
I have read this
and it is about 2 databases and not about 2 instances of the same database.
Yes you can write code which can pull data from any number of databases.  

It's easy to try -- why do you think there's a problem?
chalie001Author Commented:
do you have sample of that code how can i do that in java  adf
If you don't know how to write code to use a database from Java, there are a lot of examples on the web.  Oracle has some great tutorials.

If your real question is how to use JDeveloper to connect to a db, you should probably accept the answers here and ask your real question.

But try the tutorials first.  Connect to a single db, and see how that goes.  Then you can ask questions about how to add the connection to another db from the same program.
chalie001Author Commented:
i did that this way
the question is if i have another database instance and certain user only use that database but same database model9erd) but diiffirent data how can i do that it will be one application
Try writing actual java code rather than using the menus in JDeveloper.  The user interface for JDeveloper seems to assume that programmers only want to conect to a single database.

If you write a java program which makes a connection to one database, and then another connection to another database, it will be clear to you how to use data from more than one database in your program.
chalie001Author Commented:
Can you show me  how to do that
Do you have a java program?  Post the lines you are trying, and we'll see if we can help.

If you don't know how to write java, then you should probably check some tutorials.  This is a nice tutorial to start with:

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