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IIS log files location

we What is the risk in storing IIS log files on the system drive? Is there any risk if this is only ever set for the default web/FTP sites, which aren't even used, or is it only ever a risk for a user site? we have IIS log files for both default website and other sites flagged sa located on the system drive. It is identified as a risk on many of microsofts tools/security scanners, but doesnt provide much information as to why?
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Dan McFadden

8/22/2022 - Mon
Systech Admin

There is no risk in storing log files on system drive but log files will rapdily fill the system drive causing the space issues on System drive. you can change the log files location to other drive.
Pau Lo

can you not cap the max size of the logs so they dont cause a space related issue?
Systech Admin

yes u can do that, that option is available in the IIS settings.
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