Shock or Crash-proof casing for iPad 3 (retina)

My autist son tends to throw things onto the hard floor: for my spouse's iPhone
6+, I've got one of those bulky/military-like casing & so far it has protected the
phone well despite being thrown by force more than 30 times by my son when
he's angry: kind of venting his anger by throwing things

I got a protective cover & 0.3mm tempered glass to protect the iPad 3 but on
one of those occasion, it landed with face down: both the tempered glass plus
the screen of the iPad 3 cracked.

In earlier throws, the iPad landed on the back (ie the casing), so nothing breaks
but this last throw broke it & I got the screen replaced for $100

Is there anything out there that could protect an iPad 3: let me know the full
link/url to order (Amazon, eBay)
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sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Sorry, think the tempered glass that broke is probably 0.5 to 1mm
& it still failed to protect the iPad's screen.

The iPad & iPhone are running apps Proloquo2Go that teaches him
speech so it defeats the purpose if I took them away from him
You need a military shockproof protective case, but that does not guarantee the screen protection when will hit directly something hard. You need to operate the screen, in the end is a touch screen tablet.
Then remains only a rubber/silicone protection for the rest of the iPad body.
You may look below at some suggestions:

It must be one which covers very well and thick the corners and around.
In your place I would try "Griffin Survivor All-Terrain Protective Case" or the one from audionation-uk, but it is expensive.

For the screen more than something like this you cannot do:

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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Other than fixing the Ipad onto a base which weighs more than the ipad there isn't much more that you can do.. Most protectors are designed for an accidental drop not being thrown to the floor. I really sympathize with you for your troubles

Here is a review site that has a something to consider

or a Kensington Black Belt 2
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Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
It's probably in one of the links above but I've been working with a Griffin Survivor case. Very tough if you drop it. Just that you should not hit the touch screen part with a solid object as the display will crack (like with other cases as well probably).
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
> should not hit the touch screen part with a solid object as the display will crack
So I guess those eBay pictures showing the tempered glass could protect the
touch screen against hammer or even drills are simply misleading?

On most occasions when my son threw it, it did not crack but somehow that one
occasion was at a certain angle ...

Hmm I've seen military helicopters' screen made of bullet-proof glass but I guess
there's no such thing for phones' tempered glass or is there?
Popemobile is bulletproof, but that does not mean will have no scratches at hard impact. It depends always by impact, object of impact, angle...
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
Tempered glass would have to be of a certain thickness that is going to be a problem for the touch functionality of the tabled. It's a tough issue to solve I'm afraid.
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Usually the impact is against a flat surface & that throw that cracked the
screen is with the screen downwards to the flat floor surface.

If there's a hard-shell casing (like those for iPhone 6 or 6+  that I got for
my spouse), the screen of the iPad won't get hit on impact: it will always
hit the edge of the casing: so is there such hard-shell casing for iPad?
" a hard-shell casing (like those for iPhone 6 or 6+  that I got for my spouse)"

Can you upload a photo with that case?
Do you have a code, a model name?
Or do you have a link on internet where we can see it?
sunhuxAuthor Commented:

It's the Fintie casebot above.   It never fails to protect against my autist
son's violent throws but I put a layer of tempered glass too.  Guess
the casing prevents the screen from being come into contact with
any surface during a crash

Hmm, perhaps I should consider Fintie's case below:
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