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winmail problem again

I have one user (outlook 2013) who when they send out email the other party receives it many times as winmail.dat -  All the other users in our company use outlook 2013 and they do not have this issue.  I have tried to set it to html and plain text but this does not help. Any ideas?
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what exchange version are you using?
most of the time it is because of something wonky in their signature.
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On the Exchange server execute this command:

Set-RemoteDomain Default -TNEFEnabled $false
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we don't have an exchange server.  This is pop.
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We use an smtp server of our email host.  What setting would I have them change?
Why is this only happening to 1 user?
Ask if their SMTP server is indeed an Exchange server (then solution applies), if not, just ask if they know about this problem and maybe even solve it for you.
It's only happening to only 1 user because a set of circumstances need to happen before the other side gets the winmail.dat email (signature, content of text, content of attachments).