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NFS Export from AIX 5.3 to Windows

I have an AIX 5.3 server that has a directory called /interface that I need to export to be a Windows share.

Users are telling me that they've been able to do this before in the past but after a server failure this morning they can't anymore.

I've looked in /etc/exports and find no reference in there to /interface.  

showmount -e   doesn't show anything (as expected).

I have been reading man pages and it seems that mknfsexp is what I want.

So I tried (the place that is supposed to be mounted is /interface/prd and it needs to be exported as ifprod):

mknfsexp -d /interface/prd -e ifprod -S sys,dh,krb5,krb5i,krb5p -v 4 -B

What I get back is:
exportfs: /interface/prd: There are too many levels of symbolic links to translate a path name

I've done a find /interface -type l - there don't appear to be any symlinks under interface.

What am I missing here ?
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There does seem to be a definition for "ifprod" in smb.conf.

I started nmbd -D and smbd -D and connection can be made now.

Also added startup scripting into /etc/init.d/rc2.d