Suggestions for power management solutions?

We are currently researching “power management solutions” for our organization and would like to get some feedback from others that have implemented something similar. This would be a solution that will put both desktop and laptop machines in “sleep” or “hibernate” mode with a flexible scheduling capability and still allow updates to wake those machines up during off hours schedules and then once again before normal working hours. Ideally a baseline report could be established initially to which we could later compare and illustrate cost savings achieved for the organization. We have looked at 1E Nightwatchman as an example but there are many other products available as well. We would just like to request some feedback from others including products that are currently being used along with costs to implement and maintain them. We have a fairly small organization of around 300 users or so. We do currently utilize a Dell K1000 appliance but it does not appear to be very friendly to use for this particular purpose; however, if anyone does use K1000 in this manner we would be particularly interested in your comments or suggestions. Any information or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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You can schedule shutdown via GPO tasks (shutdown.exe /?)
Then you can wake machines with any WoL tool
More important is how much computer spends with user idling in front of it. Could be 5W, or 50W depending on driver bugs.
I suggest a wattmeter up to 1kW for measurements. It is nice way to say - now we save 10$/week per PC on electricity and are capable to achieve same as before.

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Driver bugs come into play also with WoL. It will take some time to tune it right.
Once you get tired/bored doing manually you know how much power saving management software can cost to justify itself. And you have perfect reference how much it should save.

Once in 2012 we measured savings:
LED Monitor on 24h ipo default power saved +.5 EUR/day
Disk parked in 1min ipo default never -.9 EUR/day
CPU high performance ipo balanced +4.5EUR/day
cpu balanced ipo powersave +.5 EUR/day
some mayor AV software on idle PC  +1.5EUR/day
faulty network card driver polling WoL when PC is on +2EUR/day
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