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Definition of MS Word document properties (or any other Office Product).

Hi, I'd like to know if anyone has an "official" set of definitions for the document properties within an MS Word (or other MS Office) document?

I'd like to understand what Microsoft means by the date for say ..."Content created", etc. I need to understand what "content" means, how does the document know that all the content has been created, so it can time stamp it, etc.

I'd like official definitions for ALL of the properties specifically the dates.

I'm sure MS has them listed somewhere, but I can't find a good set of definitions that aren't guesses or assumptions.

If possible, I'd also like to know which date takes president over another. In other words, which date should be time stamped before another date.

As mentioned above, I need an official set of definitions or definitions based on a forensic study, not simply a guess of what it should mean.

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Paul Sauvé
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Here are the properties included in a Word  2010 document:User generated image
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Paul, I'm not looking for the names of the properties within the documents...I know what those are. I'm looking for "an "official" set of definitions for the document properties."

In other words, just like in a dictionary...what is the meaning of the "Content created" property. I want to know forensically, what they mean, and how Microsoft determines them.

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Btan, VERY, VERY, VERY interesting pair of documents you provided. I think some time ago I came across the second one,  but because I was trying to address a different issue, I didn't spend enough time on it to get an in-depth understanding of what it contained. That said, its a very good document indeed.
Thank you Btan. Good job of finding these documents for me. They will help a lot.
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Thanks for sharing