Updating urls.py doesn't work

Hi, I'm trying to add a new url to my site at transformbusiness.sg.

In the webroot folder, there is a file called urls.py.
I added in a url called "novshow".
Below is how the file looks like after I edited it...

# flake8:noqa
from django.conf.urls import *
from django.views.generic import TemplateView
from website.views import IndexView, NewsletterSignupView

urlpatterns = patterns('',

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I read somewhere that the urls.pyc file will be automatically re-compiled, but it doesn't seem to do so.
So, I SSH in, go to the webroot folder and compiled the urls.py file using the instructions at http://effbot.org/pyfaq/how-do-i-create-a-pyc-file.htm.

But transformbusiness.sg/novshow still doesn't work.
I've added the novshow.html file at the templates folder together with the other html files referenced in urls.py.

I'm not familiar with python/django, so if anyone here can help, that'd be great, thanks!
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I know this is super late but did you run makemigrations? Also, you need to add a trailing slash to your root url r'^/$'.... Last, it may be simpler to instead make function based views that render your html so that way you can easily add template variables as needed. Hope this helped!

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killdurstAuthor Commented:
So sorry for this late reply...
I found a workaround to accomplish what i needed, so i sort of forgot about this question.
I will try your suggestion nonetheless, just in case.
Will update this thread soon....
Kyle RouxExpert Programming MentorCommented:
your issue is for the changes to take effect you need to restart your server, what ever is actually running your django app, probably gunicorn. only changes to templates will be recognized without restarting the app server.
killdurstAuthor Commented:
So sorry for this late reply. I no longer needed this to be completed actually. Just giving the points to thank you for the participation.
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