Bulk undelete of unintentially deleted email in Exchange mailbox

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One of my client says that all of her emails from her mailbox were moved to the deleted items after she dropped the her phone(Not sure if this was the cause).
All her emails are still there and she can move them back into her mail box. But the problem is that all her unintentionally deleted emails are mixed in with her intententianlly deteleted emails. There are over a thousand emails that she will need to go through to undelete the ones she want.

Is it possible to work out how these emails were all deleted and how to reverse this without going through all the deleted items? Perhaps undelete all emails that were deleted after a certain time?

Exchange Server 2007
Outlook 2010
Outlook 2011 for Mac
Exchange active sync on iPhone.

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MacleanSystem Engineer

Try the generic recovery bin in outlook by right clocking the bin and selecting recover deleted items.
If fails you could try the undelete command on exchange.
I could re-write the how to, but it is very well documented here if you need a reference

Recover Deleted Email Mac



Thank for your reply. Would these recovery fuctions have the ability to chose recovery based on time of deletion? As I do not simply want to recover everything that was moved to trash.

In Outlook, go to the "Deleted Items" folder.
Select View Tab / View Settings
Select "Columns" Button.
Select "All Mail Fields" or "All Journals Fields" from "Select available Columns"
Add "Modified" Field.Add Modified FieldClick OKs to finish.
Now you are Back in "Deleted Items".
Sort the items based on "Modified" field and you will see the recently deleted items.
Sort by Modified fieldIn above screen shot, I received email on 8th Oct and deleted them recently i.e., today 14th.
Hope that helped.

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