How to write best resume for career?

Richard Diaz
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Can I get the detailed procedure about the best resume writing process? I am very excited to write my first resume paper. But I want to refer some sources of resume writing process. I have already short listed some professional cv writing services for reference. Apart from that I want to get your suggestions about resume writing methods. Nowadays, there are lots of job seekers doing same wrong things while creating their resume. So please help me to write best resume for my good job opportunities.
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The best way to start is:
1. Consolidate yourself - people have enormous knowledge but would like to pursue in the areas they like so to at find out your best interest
2. Download template from Internet that you may like to see as you are presented yourself to a third person.
3. Find a good cover letter that will compliment your cv.
4. Write good introduction short and sweet .
5. Don't play with the ego of the reader - he must see you a humble not arrogant or too proud.
Finish cv in less than two pages max three.

Good luck.
Few days ago a company from UK contacted me via Linkedin to offer me a job.
Checking their website I found next advice regarding how to write a CV:

Keep in mind next: different country has different approach how to write the CV, even if the main rules are similar.
I learned it from scratch how to do it proper for Germany, after 10 years of work in other countries...
EirmanChief Operations Manager
I think the enclosure of a short personalised hand-written letter is a good idea.

When you have written your resume (sometimes known as a CV) submit for review here:

Be sure to remove any personal information and make the question PRIVATE.
You should also indicate the type of job you are looking for (e.g. Secretarial, Technical, Medical, Computers, Educational).
LinkedIn is also great it has a ready made form and being a member advertises your credentials
 recruiters look for potential employees here
And if you look for European templates, examples, then one good place is here:
Attached are the CV template and instructions.

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