RAID 1+0 vs RAID 10


I hate duplicated questions, but I have to ask this possibly stupid question:

In all my reading, admittedly I'm rushing myself, nowhere have I found that it clearly states that RAID 1+0 and RAID 10 are EXACTLY the same.

And my HP ML350 gen9 + p440ar controller must have a new GUI because other suggested step-by-steps don't match. And "RAID 10" just isn't an option when I create an array with my 4 drives....

So, are RAID 1+0 and RAID 10 EXACTLY the same?
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KoenChange and Transition ManagerCommented:
in my opinion, it is. Raid 10 is also known as RAID 1+0

you combine striping (0) with mirroring (1) over 4 disks...
Dirk MareSystems Engineer (Acting IT Manager)Commented:
RAID 10 (1+0) is a stripe across a number of mirrored sets(stripe of mirrors). RAID 10 provides better fault tolerance and rebuild performance than RAID 01. Both array types provide very good to excellent overall performance by combining the speed of RAID 0 with the redundancy of RAID 1 without requiring parity calculations.

+1 they are the same.

Both do striping of mirrors.

andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
RAID 1+0 isn't officially defined so it's down to the manufacturer as to whether they create the mirrored pairs first or create the stripes first, With HP though they are identical with one small exception in that two disks mirrored is also referred to as RAID 1+0 rather than RAID 1 in some GUIs and literature.

Before HP merged with Compaq RAID 10 was referred to as RAID 0+1 in the Smart Array ACU and ORCA/BIOS setup but you still ended up with RAID 10.

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pnadonAuthor Commented:
I called HP technical support to see what their take was. I was assured by the support tech that their RAID 1+0 was RAID 10.
Since I'm still uneasy about it, I guess I have some homework.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
HP's RAID 1+0 is definitely RAID 10 except when there are only two disks, then it's RAID 1. (They call RAID 1 "RAID 1+0" because the strip size is defined when you create the logical disk, either that or just too lazy to add an extra menu item.)

Simple proof - run that new GUI and create a RAID 1+0, then generate a diagnostic report. Then search the report for the word "paired" and it will list out the drive pairs.
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