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I have this code in the afterupdate event of a checkbox.  But when the checkbox is checked true the email is not being sent.  In fact nothing is happening.

Private Sub chkbxSampleShipped_AfterUpdate()

   If Me.chkbxSampleShipped = True Then
Dim varName As Variant
Dim varCC As Variant
Dim varSubject As Variant

    varName = "somebody@somewhere.com"
    varCC = "somebodyelse@somewhere.com"

    varSubject = "The sample has been shipped for part # - " & [txtPartN] & ""

    DoCmd.SendObject , , , varName, varCC, , varSubject, varBody, True, False
    MsgBox "The samples shipped notification has been emailed to Bill and Bob."

    End If

End Sub

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see if you have [Event Procedure] in the After Update property of the check box in the EVENT tab of the property sheet,
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If the msgbox was not just for testing and meant to be part of the program, then I would modify it to:

 MsgBox "The samples shipped notification has been emailed to: " & varName


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