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Logo Attachment Question

When we communicate via e-mail to/from various customers, our company logo from our auto signature comes back to us in the form of an attachment.  In some cases, the e-mail stream may end up with a dozen logo attachments due to the back and forth communication.  In an effort to not miss something, we are opening each one to verify the contents. Are there any solutions anyone can recommend? I appreciate any feedback.

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If you are sending to any military or like they will do that to.  The fix we found was to make the logo part of a wallpaper and not an inserted graphic file.
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Thank for the information. We are using Outlook 2007. I guess my next question would be if we plan to upgrade to Office 2016, my hunch is that we will not have to worry about logo images being embedded into message traffic?


Thank you for the insight.
Glad to help. Not sure about 2016 yet - haven't even seen it. Personally I wish people would not include logos in emails. :)
Great. I thank you for your insight. Have a great one :).