Entity Framework connection issue

I have my edmx file in my configServer project, but moved my configModel.tt to my common project. Somehow when this was moved the name of the file had changed (the (s) from the name was removed). I was able to test and run this solution - everything was good. However, I had to create a nuget package for use in another solution and we discovered an issue when we tried to test this other solution. As we worked backwards we found that the configModel.tt had a different name (missing the (s) as stated above). We renamed this to be the correct filename (add (s) back on) and now it is broke, with the following error "Format of the initialization string does not confrom to specification starting at index 0". I have double checked the connection string in the app config and it looks correct. Has anyone ran into this issue before?
Does it have to do with renaming?
KarieAnnApplications EngineerAsked:
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KarieAnnApplications EngineerAuthor Commented:
The issue had to do with my context.tt file. I had updated the context.cs, but not the context.tt - so when it was rebuilt I would lose the updated info in the .cs & it would cause an error.

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KarieAnnApplications EngineerAuthor Commented:
I had worked with a colleague and we ran across the issue. I thought I would share for others who may experience similar issue.
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