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USB 3 Hub performance when multiple USB 3 devices are connected simultaneously

My laptop has only 2 USB ports- 1 USB2 and 1 USB3.

I usually tether my cellphone 3G connection to USB2 port and connect 1TB External Harddisk to USB 3 port.

I saw a USB 3 hub that can connect 4, 10 or more USB3 connections at a time.

What is the effect on performance on connecting so many USB 3 gadgets to USB 3 ports.

Say i connect 3 USB 3.0 devices using a USB 3.0 hub to a USB 3.0 port on my laptop. Will i get USB 3 speeds on all the devices connected to the hub.

Will i get better 3G speed if i tether my mobile 3G to a USB 3 device connected to a USB 3 port than tethering it to a USB2 port.
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So as I understand, each new USB 3 device added to the USB 3.0 hub will have the impact of reducing the speed of each one of the USB 3 devices attached to the USB 3.0 hub.
Only if data is flowing. Connecting it does not slow down things.
Dear Sir, can you use the USB3 Port and  use the Devices USB3 Supported only. otherwise use the USB Hub with power Adpter